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Anime Character Database Age. A few of the most powerful and sexiest characters from anime are, in reality, old men. The visual search engine for all animated characters.

Asemu Asuno from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
Asemu Asuno from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (Donald Abbott)

We index characters by eye color, hair color, hair length, age, gender, and animal ears. Search for characters based on visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender with anime characters database search. Introduction This app will supply a simple and easy interface by which a user can enter a character and his/her characteristics to a database. These entries can then be pulled by any other user via a.

Seems to have a few features missing such as.

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We feature detailed information about all forms of CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) animation. Anime Characters Database search in title. Find seiyuu, genres, staff, stories, pvs, characters and more!

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