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Chainsaw Man Denji Goal. Denji (デンジ, Denji ) is the main protagonist of Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw Man has become more brutal and violent with each new chapter of the series, and the newest chapter revealed that Denji's true power as The series has been nothing but violence and despair, but Denji had surprisingly kept his head held high thanks to the goal of pleasing Makima and.

denji icon in 2021 | Denji icon, Anime pfp, Anime
denji icon in 2021 | Denji icon, Anime pfp, Anime (Brandon Larson)

Denji cumple su sueño (MMV) chainsaw man. See a recent post on Tumblr from @ilypower about chainsaw man denji. Chainsaw Man – Denji and Pochita

Before becoming Chainsaw Man, Denji lived in a dilapidated, bed-less shack because he spent every waking hour trying to pay off the debts of his So when Denji becomes the devil Chainsaw Man and assumes the role of devil hunter, what motivates him is fresh food to eat, beds to sleep in, girls to fool.

From Devils to Devil Hunters, these characters have different abilities and skills that make them stand out from each other.

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chainsaw man in 2021 | Chainsaw, Man icon, Anime icons


Denji (Chainsaw Man) is a character from Chainsaw Man. A brief description of the Chainsaw Man manga: "I've always dreamed of a normal life: a warm bed, toasts with jam in the morning, walks to date my. The series follows the exploits of Denji, a teenager who merged with his demon dog and is now capable of using its chainsaw powers.

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