50 Lighthearted Kuudere Anime Boy Characters

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Kuudere Anime Boy Characters. These characters are calm and composed on the outside, often to the point of seeming Stoic and emotionless. Jotaro is the textbook definition of a Kuudere character.

Anime where a Kuudere is the main character : Animesuggest
Anime where a Kuudere is the main character : Animesuggest (Isabel Baldwin)

Find out by taking this quiz. Kuudere is a dere type who is calm and collected on the outside, and never panics. Anime Characters DB. · kuudereA kuudere may be cold and harsh at first glance, appearing unemotional and practical, but this is just a facade that protects their innermost, tender, delicate feelings.

I don't have anything against female main characters its.

For all kinds of moe art.

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His warm side can be seen when he embraces the friendship of his group of Stardust Crusaders and can be seen even more during the events that take place in the following. I am looking for romance anime where the main character is male. As the ultimate kuudere in the series, he also represents many fighters in the Did we forget to include your favorite kuudere boy from anime?

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