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Connie Anime Character Death. Aot Characters Fictional Characters Connie Springer Attack On Titan Anime Fantasy World Master Chief Manga Drawings Shingeki No Kyojin. Anime is notorious for killing off main characters, much to the dismay of the supporting cast and fans alike.

ATTACK ON TITAN favourites by STEPHAN0-MAT0 on DeviantArt
ATTACK ON TITAN favourites by STEPHAN0-MAT0 on DeviantArt (Alejandro Peters)

Kousei, with some convincing, accepts being Kaori's accompanist but starts to fall in love with her. L was the quintessential antagonistic-hero in this story. Connie, anime: The promised never land.

Magne was a great character, and I still don't understand why she had to die. connie anime character.

Out of every side character's death, Simon's is the most unsettling.

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His death wasn't designed to make him a helpless victim caught at the wrong place/wrong time like Mike, Faye, Marco, Connie's mom etc. Visual search anime characters, explore and discover the joy of anime. Light from Death Note, obviously but also Kei from Ajin and (to a lesser extent) Haruo from Godzilla.

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