10+ Mesmerizing Anime Characters Leo

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Anime Characters Leo. First appearing as a student of Lutwidge Academy, Leo was the valet and best friend of Elliot Nightray. Leo anime characters have turned out to be some of the important figures in all anime.

Leo from Epic Seven
Leo from Epic Seven (Georgia Chandler)

Ok I'm just hyper, but whatever! -_ – He looked like a Leo to my aunt, so that's where his first name came from. However, as darkness started to creep into is life through his family's murder, he learns to fall far away. I named him Kage as in Shadow in.

So, this character is only barely an anime character, and is mostly a manga character.

When we analyze the list of anime characters born under this sign, we have to analyze them for both their positive and negative traits.

Leo (Zodiac) Image #985067 – Zerochan Anime Image Board

Leo from Epic Seven

Leo | Anime-Planet

Lady G/#1741407 – Zerochan

210 best Leo My Loke images on Pinterest | Fairy tales …

Leo (Zodiac)/#6906 – Zerochan

Sailor Leo by krilin86 on DeviantArt

Pin by ☀️Xhoi Mitrushi☀️ on A LEO SUN XHDSNSNKDLK …

Leo Regulus | Anime-Planet

This is Andromache nice to meet you. Anime lover and aspiring fiction author who's dream is to create a narrative to maneuver the following technology in the identical manner that. Leo (リーオ, Riio) was a character from Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts.

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