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– If you like smart gentle and sweet maid type of Victoria era with noble romance in the air Emma is an excellent and high-quality manga for you. Looking forward to your recommendations.

Koushaku Reijou No Tashinami Isekai Anime Anime Art Girl Reincarnation Manga

Mc creates a VR gamenovel and gets stuck inside of it.

Isekai manga female lead. A pair of older Isekai with female protagonists. Nun Female Lead Isekai Manga Introvert Witch Isekai Manga Love Interests which suit all preferences Isekai Manga Seducing the demon king ω. Here I gathered fifteen anime for the fans of specific tags.

Ive only readreading a few isekai manga with a female MC and would like to read more of the same kind. Again search with the category Transported to Another World and so on instead. She also whines too much.

Maybe because my life royally sucks atm and I need some escapism n hope lol. Now this isekai manga actually caught me a little bit by surprise. Ashi-Girl or Namida Ame to Serenade are also Isekai but no one outside of Japan calls female demographic manga by that term it seems.

Otome isekai manga is my personal slice of haven. The female lead is extremely intelligent but very lacking in the physical side. The wiki article about Isekai is a goddam travesty.

Even 7 Seeds comes somewhat close its complicated. – If youre into shounen since you didnt mention the genre Claymore will be a good choice. Anyway I made a list of the ones I have read and found to be with awesome fls.

Are you an avid reader of manga and manhua. Illustrated by Zoids mangaka this short webcomic is a hilarious little series poking fun at the otome isekai genre for villainess. Anyone can recommend some Isekais with cool female leads.

The Twelve Kingdoms and Inuyasha. However you know after maybe reading a little bit of gender bender maybe thats what got me into it. Inuyasha isnt really female protagonist imo.

The lady is more like the readers perspective following inuyasha around and being the i got kidnapped trope element. 10 Strong Female Lead ManhwaMangaManhua Recommendations IsekaiHistoricalStrategist1. The female lead is some sort of a warrior and this mangas been one of my fav for years.

Otome Isekai Manga Recommendation 1. Isekai Manga about Protagonist with no Magic. The male lead manhwa manga manhwareccomendation romance isekai isekaimanhwa NEW MANHWA WITH UNIQUE PLOT MALE LEAD TRY TO REVIVE HER LOVER BUT SOMEHOW NOTHING HAPPENED and theres a small.

So I have been too much into isekai themed mangas these days. Ill Just Live on as a Villaines. Well regardless of whether your.

It can be like Kumo desu ga where the lead is a powerful magic user like bookworm where the lead is a smart person who uses her knowledge to her advantage or like reincarnated as a sword where the lead is a disciplepartner of the other mc. Middle-Aged Mans Noble Daughter Reincarnation 悪役令嬢転生おじさん Every time this webcomic gets an update I would hop to it so darn fast. I couldve sworn otome isekai manga and webtoons with villainess as the heroine is a niche amongst niche.

So when I wrote the 13 otome isekai recommendation post I thought I hit a jackpot in a yes-no-one-knew-about-this kinda way. Manga Isekais with cool female leads. Manhwa Supremacy mxnhwamanhwa has created a short video on TikTok with music оригинальный звук.

Isekai MangaManhwa With Strong Female Leads – Page 2 show list info. I believe it is a completely different matter to write isekai from other genres and most of the popular settings of the scene are just not fitting for female protagonists. Flowy ZeMiRa08 and Asyeurin like this.

2 Isekai manga where the male lead gets help from a goddess and is given two female comrades a vampire and an angel. The female lead also helps change the law so that the heroine could become duchess and have power that doesnt require her to marry the prince. Im getting bored of isekai manga with male protagonists seems to be the same stuff there are only a few i enjoy with a male lead and thats the non harem type.

Of course there were plenty of girl deuteragonists but they didnt take control of the show. Like the type that no one really knew about until they go out of their way to look for it. 10 Strong Female Lead ManhuaMangaIsekaiShoujo RecommendationsHello.

I didnt expect to like it as much as I did since you know Im not usually the biggest fan of female leads. Tho frl this is probably the only Isekai manhwa Ive seen where the mc actually goes back to her original world though only temporarily 810. Read Nun Female Lead Isekai Manga from the story Isekai recommendations Shoujo edition by matchatea17 with 21576 reads.

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