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Both mentally andor physically strong. Anyway I made a list of the ones I have read and found to be with awesome fls.

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Looking for a possessive male lead with a strongcold female lead manga.

Manga with jealous female lead. It could be cute jealous or scary either is fine. Thai Drama – 2017 15 episodes. Answer 1 of 5.

Its just that every time there is a lot of twists and turns however the most troublesome thing for Jiang Nian is that once the female aura rises to 60 it wont rise anymore. Ghost in the Shell. HulaManga – Read Manga Online Absolutely Free and Updated Daily.

Romance Manga with a strong female lead. It could be a puppy like male lead nine in beware of the villainess or detached but innocent male lead ml in this girl is a little wild Im not picky whether it be historical modern. No offense okay I like shinjo mayus manga cuz most of it is smut smut lover OO.

Manhwa authors arent afraid to cast strong female leads something that manga struggle with doing. Like the manga love celeb seriously. Harem is also okay.

For me its the on-going volume of Namaikizakari. The way to protect the female leads older brother – Chapter 10 – HulaManga Read The way to protect the female leads older brother Chapter 10 with the latest Full translation beautiful high quality photos updated quickly and soon at. Chinese Drama – 2013 9 episodes.

Ive only readreading a few isekai manga with a female MC and would like to read more of the same kind. I havent read much manga so i give me any reccomendation you think i will like. Best MangaManhuaManhwa From best to worse with capable strong orand intelligent female lead.

Could it be that Wu Qi liked Zhao Nan. Her task is to collect aura of a female lead and prevent each world from collapsing. Rawr forced cohabitation kidnapping cruel hero stalker hero isolates the female lead.

Medicine is excellent the heart is pure. I want a romance manga with a female character not necessarily main lead that is extremely jealous possessive or yandere. Maybe because my life royally sucks atm and I need some escapism n hope lol.

Abuse novel in which her husband was sick psycho possessive Male lead who loved another woman and she was only a stand in. Anyway I made a list of the ones I have read and found to be with awesome fls. Im getting bored of isekai manga with male protagonists seems to be the same stuff there are only a few i enjoy with a male lead and thats the non harem type.

The issue here was that she transmigrated into a novel she had written. The manga features topics of equality respect and personal freedom and incorporates a strong core message about female agency presenting the multiple ways women can lead lives that arent governed by others wishes and rigorous societal standards. Secret garden and boys over flower i loved male lead jealousy and its versions.

I wont mind some drama either. Any trope is fine. Tomo is in love with Jun and on top of that Jun is extremely dense.

One day she died and became a quester for the Lord God. Marshal Is Jealous Everyday An arrogant and stubborn lady is dead a revived 21st-century medical genius into her body. Crazy jealous guy if I cant have you love makes you evil.

As if this wasnt enough she transmigrated into a novel as a Female Lead. Jiang Nian used to be an actress. Isekai MangaManhwa With Strong Female Leads show list info.

Wang Jingjing an unknown little author one day was murdered and the police called it suicide. I would love if there is a bit humor and stuff in lt to balance the drama So recommend me drama with protective jealous or possessive male leads. In Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo the number one jealous character is the main female lead Kim Bok-Joo Lee Sung-Kyung.

Bcoz theres so many romance manga I. Tomo Aizawa and Junichirou Kubota are best friends since childhood. This thought suddenly entered Shen Yous mind and she was shocked.

Please avoid Shoujo manga as much as possible but if its epic epic yandere then shoujo manga is also accepted. The lead male there is very vocal and affectionate to his crush now turned girlfriend. Major Mokoto Kusanagi the lead character of the Ghost in the Shell franchise is one of animes best-known female protagonists.

REMINDER that this lists order constantly changes because Im indecisive and also because I always misplace things. This only contains females going nutsbeing obsessive sorry to whoever loves when a male does it but Im not into that l Yandere from Urban Dictionary Contrary to the popular belief that it is the opposite of tsundere it describes an anime character who is either psychotic or violent or both and shows affection to the main character. 2 Kim Bok-Joo.

There are two problems though. Stand Alone Complex follows the Major and her team who work for the Public Security Section 9 as they investigate highly sensitive criminal cases in a world where many people have become cyborgs. Marshal Is Jealous Everyday.

Ive seen a lot of manga with possessive male leads but the female lead was like so weak and she needed to be always protected. Maybe because my life royally sucks atm and I need some escapism n hope lol. If you have nothing else to ask.

So I have been too much into isekai themed mangas these days. Its one of the many things that help separate it from its Japanese counterpart. Transmigrated as the Tortured Female Leads Daughter Chapter 69 Shen You shifted her gaze to Wu Qi and saw that Wu Qi was looking at her angrily.

Shen You didnt know how she had offended Wu Qi. Isekai MangaManhwa With Strong Female Leads – Page 2 show list info. Looking forward to your recommendations.

It could be from any country. I am looking for manga or manhwa although Im very open with novels too that consist of romance with a male lead that is kind and respects his partner. For entertainment purposes onlyCredits to the rightful owners.

I do not own any of this content. That even though he is always been shooed away by the girl he never loses to her in showing his love to her. Flowy ZeMiRa08 and Asyeurin like this.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. Manhwa stories are often different than what one might find in manga and many explore mature themes and focus on adult-based narratives. I thought it would be okay but when I continue reading it I was like.

What is your favorite romance manga where the lead guy is easily get jealous. So I have been too much into isekai themed mangas these days. Because the female lead has an.

A relationship brews between her and Jung Joon-Hyung Nam Joo-hyuk and the best aspect of the K-drama is Bok-Joos jealous streak. They both love Karate spar and fight with each other.

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