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Marvel Comics Setting aside Angelas potentially complicated film rights she was once part of Image Comics Spawn universe but is now owned by Marvel Comics – long. 18 BLADE – SHOULD BE ADDED Blade was really the first successful Marvel movie back in the 1990s even though most people hadnt realized that the movie was based on a Marvel property.

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The epitome of interconnected.

Mcu characters to add and didnt need. Infinity War and coming into her own as the Scarlet Witch. Linking stories across multiple mediums The MCU is more than a set. Whilst there is an argument that there is not a bad MCU movie here is every critically andor commercially failed Marvel movie before the MCU and why it didnt work.

Marvel has done a solid job of proving that its female characters dont need men to dub. Hercules is an infectiously fun character and ironically a lot of the ways in which hes fun offer some insight into the most likely reason for his absence in the MCU. These outsourced directors didnt need to think about it and Marvel didnt want them to anyway.

Fortunately he wasnt identified by name in the movie so hopefully the MCU can smoothly recast the character and reintroduce him to the MCU in Phase Four. Iron Man had been through countless deadly situations and got out of it with a few scratches until Endgame. In a way he didnt die until he was established as Peters father-like figure.

Lamar and John Walker existed in the comic books and had their own set of adventures. Steppenwolf and Diana have the skill and speed advantage over the three aforementioned characters but are physically inferior hence their placement on the same tier. Thats why MCU has to often kill characters to make space for others in future projects.

First coined in 2009 The MCU has gone through a lot of changes and might need to upgrade its name to be more inclusive. Howard the Duck 1986 Howard the Duck was the first feature-length theatrically-released film to be adapted from a Marvel character and the results make for one of the most notorious flops in cinema history. However the series has no clear MCU purpose glorious or otherwise at the moment akin to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier setting up Sam Wilson as the next Captain America and seeing Bucky Barnes heal tremendously from his time as the Winter Soldier or WandaVision showing Wanda dealing with her grief from losing Vision in Avengers.

But when they finally got to debut on the screen Battlestar was killed and tossed long before The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ended. So basically anytime the MCU overlords decide they need an arrogant weirdo from outer space to show up and kick everyones stupid butt they need. Tony Stark as a character and his development throughout the movie brilliant scenes of him creating his suits.

Even if it didnt last for long. Since there was no Uncle Ben for Parker in MCU Spider-Man universe Tony Stark was portrayed as his guardian figure. Some call it the Parker curse.

Someone like Wesley Snipes Blade could one day help Mahershala Alis upcoming MCU version of the character fight vampires from across the multiverse. The best and most balanced team-up film that is entertaining makes sense lore-wise develops characters and seamlessly uses them to advance the plot. Here are the 10 best female characters in the MCUso far.

June 15 2021. Tony Stark had to die to complete his character development but Steve Rogers death doesnt make sense. These shows also took the opportunity to flesh out other characters in the MCU.

Now that the first three MCU TV shows have been released onto Disney Plus its interesting to compare them and discussed what worked and didnt in. This gave the MCU a consistent visual look that only got better with time while their combined experience and knowledge increased.

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